New Job Announcement Email Sample

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New Job Announcement Email 

You write a job announcement email when you are about to join a new company. The email is written to close friends and family members. The purpose of this letter to share your happiness that you have got a new job and let them know for which company you work and when you are about join.

New Job Announcement Email Sample

Hi Jones,  

I just received a letter from the company I attended an interview 2 weeks ago and I couldn't wait to tell you that I have been selected for the company as an assistant IT manager. I have been selected by IBM and as assistant IT manager. My first job ever and I was so exited in sharing this news with you. 

Working for IBM is a dream come true, as it’s a Pioneer in all sectors of technology and security. I would receive my joining letter on Monday 1st march and will have a month of internal training on few new projects. I will be moving to New York tomorrow and will miss every one. Please do share this news with other friends and will write back you once I hit the floor. 

You’re truly 

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